How to Prospect VIP Donors

How to Get VIP Donors & How To Cultivate Them

If its not already, the goal of any organization should be to have a large group of benefactors that can donate $1,000,000 collectively among 10-50 VIP donors/benefactors. You might have heard on CNN and other news networks that one business owner donated $1,000,000 through a super PAC to Mitt Romney for his Presidential Campaign. If you remember, they were never able to uncover the actual donor because the donation was carefully planned so that the donor would not be exposed. These are the friends you want and NEED to have, if you ever wish to make accomplishing your organizations mission a higher priority than fundraising to cover costs & stay afloat.

In order to understand what makes a high dollar donor, lets ask ourselves what makes a VIP donor contribute so much. While it may seem like most high dollar donors are filthy rich, a closer study finds that most large donors give because they have a genuine interest in the subject or your message. About 50-70% of these donors make less than $1,000,000.00 annually and are either deeply affected by the outcome (I.e. Business owner with 50 employees facing higher employee costs if the healthcare act isn’t repealed).

The other 30% of your VIP donors will be very very wealthy, grossing over $1,000,000.00 annually in personal income.

Its very difficult to initially detect this 30% of the VIP model. A couple easy tips to spotting a potential VIP donor is if they donate $250 or more on their first donation. Your secondary tool to determine the VIP status is by researching his/her name on major internet search engines to see if this person owns businesses, medical practices, has donated previously to universities, or any other signs to determine if this person is:

Financially able to make a high dollar donation.
How the donor could potentially benefit from a large contribution (Ie. A general practitioner who sees his revenue shrinking from new regulation of the Healthcare act being installed among doctors.) A non-political example would be the owner of Brita water that is looking to donate to give back to providing funding for fresh water in developing countries.
It really depends on how you look at it, but most VIP donors see your organization as a movement that allows them to benefit from either a good feeling of a random act of kindness, a way to maintain, preserve, and improve their business or practice´s stability & long term growth, or a way to fuel deep personal beliefs. Since high dollar donation values are more seldom than donation amounts under $100, the better you get at communicating with your donors the better. Take notes, record time stamps of calls, and research your list.

Discover these techniques & clues & you will record you and your organization with fact finding ammunition to learn what will get your donation higher with your potential VIP donors. In addition, you will find your donors impressed that you took the time to research the donor & you´re not just calling asking for money. You never, ever, want a VIP donor to feel like you are blatantly calling for money. Techniques have helped you to raise large amounts of small donor amounts cannot be applied to VIP donors. If there is nothing else you absorb from this article, I hope you leave knowing that VIP donor acquisition techniques are 100% different from Small dollar donors. This process isn’t easy, but there are companies out there such as Cause Fundraising Consultants know exactly how to solidify a VIP donor base for you while at the same time assist in bringing in immediate cash through expert strategies.

Las Vegas Night Club Tips – Know before you go!

It can be pretty much impossible to get into some of the most famous and fabulous Las Vegas Nightclubs, unless you know
how-to avoid the long line-ups and rejections. You don’t want to be waiting in a line-up on your vacation now do you?

You, of course want to have a great time and an enjoyable experience, on your ‘big night’ out when in this fabulous neon city. So listen up and read! Below you will find pro’s and con’s and tips on surviving the Las Vegas club hopping experience! Get your groove on! After all, it is the entertainment capital of the world…

Pros and Cons

Pro: There is a nightclub to please every adult age group, with unique themes and music to select from.

Pro: There are over 40 nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Con: Over 36 million people swing by here every year, which contributes to the long line-ups and rejections on entry.

Con: Line-ups at the top nightclubs, such as Rain and Ghost Bar, can be anywhere from 2-4 hours on a “hot” night, unless you have a VIP connection(see below).

Las Vegas is now the nightlife capital of the world. The super clubs that have opened in Vegas in the last few years rival clubs anywhere in the world. And the exclusivity of the clubs continues to build.

Without a VIP connection to get you into the clubs, you will be waiting in the long lines with thousands of frustrated would-be partiers.

TIP #1: Buy a VIP package that guarantees you admission to the clubs of your choice, without the hassle of waiting in line (see below). However, if you must wait in line, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a second pair for dancing. You will also need a lot of patience.

Large Groups – The Myth

Large groups have always be thought of to represent big spenders and welcomed because of the gaps they may fill up. This is just a myth today.

A group without a reservation must commit to purchasing numerous bottles of liquor upfront as well as pay table fees. Large groups leave big holes when everyone leaves, so they no longer have the influence they once had.

TIP #2: Reserve ahead of time! If you do not reserve, make sure you have the money to throw on a table or just bring a smaller crowd and make new friends inside.

Bling Bling!

The dress code is always in effect for Las Vegas nightclubs.

Never assume that you can get away with wearing your old ripped jeans, trainers or baseball cap. Do your research before you head out to boogie on the dance floor. You may be turned away at the door if you’re not dressed suitably. After that long wait in line, your mood will sink and the only place you’ll be able to boogie will be the parking lot. No one wants to see that.;-)

TIP #3: Do your research online, or call ahead of time, to find out what the exact dress code is for the clubs you want to visit. It is best to have the minor requirements sorted out so you won’t be disapointed come time to get jiggy with it on the dance floor!

VIP who?

You may be able to saunter into nightclubs in your home town, without waiting in line, because you know so and so, who knows so and so. But, it’s a whole different story in the “City of Lights”.

Every night thousands of visitors try to smooth talk the doormen, give them cash, or charm them with their beauty or status, only to be rejected time and time again. A doorman might even black list you if you become a pain in the you-know-what. It is best to cooperate with the doormen so that you don’t get blacklisted, then you can always return.

TIP #4: Don’t waste your time trying to bride the Doormen to get to the front of the line or into the clubs. It doesn’t work! The quickest, cheapest and best way to avoid the line-ups, and get into Las Vegas nightclubs, is to have a VIP Pass (see below).

VIP Passes

There are basically two (2) levels of VIP Passes for Las Vegas nightclubs.

One VIP Pass will move you from the 2-4 hour line to the 1 hour line. Which can be very significant if you don’t have the luxury of time, or patience. These passes can be purchased online for as little as $39 US.

However, to avoid the line-ups completely and get the limo ride, VIP table and the champagne, it will cost you a lot more.

You can choose from many “packaged” deals, or customize your own VIP evening. If you are with a group, a customized VIP package can be had for as little as $200 per guest, 8 person minimum.

TIP #5: Save your feet and a lot of time and aggravation waiting in lines (especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) and order a VIP package online before you arrive.

You can be riding in style like a celebrity and jump the line-ups when you arrive. You will driven by limo and seated at a VIP table and be partying like a hollywood star! In short, you will be treated like royalty.

Enjoy your taste of the Las Vegas nightlife with a VIP connection. When in Las Vegas, treat yourself – you deserve it!

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VIP Travel Packages and Vacations – 3 Tips to Hire a VIP Company

Considering to hire a VIP Company to book or reserve a memorable VIP travel package is a good idea if you are traveling to a city where there are plenty of spotlights. VIP packages are all about convenience and getting the most out of your trip and a good VIP Company can provide that for you. Not only can you choose from their selection of deals, specials, and discounts but most experienced VIP services will offer customized travel packages to include everything you need or want. From limo rides, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, and more you’ll be sure to enjoy a special VIP vacation package when you are planning your next trip. Here are three tips to help you choose a VIP company.

1. The more experienced your VIP company is the better off you are and the better chance they will have ideas and suggestions to make your trip more entertaining. To check out how much experience they have had planning and organizing travel and vacation packages just find out how long they have been in business in the city you are traveling too.

2. Finding out what types of special prices and packages a certain company offers is the next step once you know they have been in business for a while. If you think prices are a little too much for a certain package then most companies will work something out with you if you contact them personally. For the most part though a good VIP business will offer packages ranging from pool parties, nightclubs, dance clubs, bars, limo services, shows, events, executive services, concerts, and more!

3. Knowing how much time it will take a company to sort out and arrange all of the details for your vacation is the next step in hiring the right VIP Company. Almost all of the quality VIP companies in business today can have everything ready for you within one or two weeks. Some companies can actually do it in less but if you are booking a custom VIP travel package expect the one week or two week period.

By reading these tips for choosing the right VIP company to handle your VIP vacation package you should be more confident in your ability to hire the best business for your trip, vacation, or other travels. You can be sure that if you want to get the best bang for your buck on your next vacation that these three tips will help out tremendously. Have fun on your next trip and remember to enjoy the VIP experience that comes with hiring a good company.